Bambie Thug promises they will “stand out” to reach the Eurovision final

Bambie Thug has promised they will “stand out” after her fellow Irish Eurovision Song Contest entrants failed to reach the final of the contest in their last four attempts.

Ireland and Sweden are tied for the most wins in the contest’s history, seven each, before it is held in Malmo for the 68th time after Swedish singer Loreen triumphed with Tattoo.

However, despite this success, 2018 Irish competitor Ryan O’Shaughnessy was the last to reach the final with Together, placing 16th. Ireland has not won since 1996 with Eimear Quinn’s The Voice.

Bambie Robinson, who uses they/them pronouns and features on the electro-metal song Doomsday Blue, told the PA news agency: “Ireland haven’t made it to the final because the songs haven’t, I suppose, stood out.

“And ours definitely does that this year, so it would be very, very encouraging if it wasn’t in the finals.”

When asked if they think they will change the perception of Irish music, Bambie said: “I would say that what characterizes Ireland and that runs through Irish musicians, regardless of genre, is lyricism.

“Ireland is the land of poets, so lyrically, no, I think it’s a coincidence, so I think it shows that we are still incredible with words.

“And is it different from what we’ve been sending? Yes it is.

“You know, alternative music doesn’t get enough light in Ireland. It hasn’t been given enough air time. They don’t give me enough air time.

“And yes, I would (change it). I mean, alternative music is definitely becoming more and more popular, even outside of Ireland, definitely here in the UK.

“And I hope my performance gives the world the impact it needs to bring much-needed respect and eyes to our local (acts).”

Known as proponents of what they call “ouija pop,” they said they are “really excited” about their staging and hinted that their “prop is beautiful.”

“I’m very excited to bring something like theater, storytelling and romance to the screen,” they also said.

The Macroom-born singer will also bring her elaborate gothic clothing to Eurovision.

They said they will wear outfits created by “young queer designers” at the Malmo Arena.

Eurovision 2024
Bambie Thug rehearsing Doomsday Blue before Eurovision. (EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett)

Bambie, who has been outspoken about the practice of witchcraft, says they “go back to a tradition older than perhaps what is known globally about what Ireland is.”

“Things like witchcraft and other things are also gaining a lot more traction in the world, a lot more people are interested again and a lot more people are practicing,” they added.

“I think because a lot of people are fed up with organized religion and witchcraft is their personal spiritual journey.

“I think the Irish are inherently magical and connected to the land and yeah, I mean, I’m obsessed, so it all blends together.”

Bambie, who says they went to a Catholic school and were baptized Protestant, explains that they are also the only Swedish contestant, as the country’s contestants, Marcus and Martinus, are Norwegian.

“I grew up in Ireland, my whole life was Ireland, except summers and some Christmases,” they added.

“I was never taught Swedish growing up, so I don’t speak any of my native languages. You know, I don’t speak Irish or Swedish, so I just speak the devil’s language.”

Bambie then laughed during the interview, before saying that they “really want to go back to Sweden” and eat salty Swedish licorice.