Gender equality: Don’t forget the children – Opinion

Namibia’s commitment to gender equality is exemplary in Africa.

Namibia is a nation about to have a female president.

Statistics obtained from the National Assembly indicate that out of 104 members, there are 52 women and 52 men in parliament.

The ruling party currently has 63 seats, of which 35 are held by women.

At the ministerial level there are 21 ministers, of which 12 are men and nine women.

This is pretty.

We should thank ourselves as a 34-year-old country.

This should become part of our DNA as a nation.

As we move forward to bequeath a better Namibia for our children and theirs, we need to make gender equality part of our culture and values.

Demonstrate a tangible commitment to women’s empowerment.

Namibia remains a role model for the entire African continent.

The country is a shining example of inclusion and progress: a country with two women in the top three positions in government and with the youngest minister, Emma Theophelus (for information and communications technologies).

This nation has set many excellent examples of empowering women, increasing their representation in decision-making processes.

However, let us also empower rural women, such as in Ohamwaala, Omevatahekele village and other villages.
Let’s not forget the children either.

I think it’s time we level the playing field.

Children are consumed by the problems of the world.

They become failures and develop personalities that disrupt our society.

Look at prisons: Who are the majority of criminals?

Namibia has done enough to uplift women, now let’s uplift all genders together.

You will never be able to end gender-based violence by focusing on empowering just one gender.

Therefore, as much progress has been made in protecting the rights of women and girls, the rights of boys and men must not be forgotten.

I see danger in empowering women and neglecting children.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t empower women, all I’m saying is don’t create a world where women have more power than men, because it will end in tears.

Alfeus Hamundja

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