Ethiopia is currently engaging in debates on women’s participation and contribution in the national dialogue.

President Zewde She stressed that the active participation of women in the national dialogue is not only a matter of correctness but also arises from their important role in the dialogue. This was reported by

Furthermore, she stressed that women should participate proactively, not only for their right but also because it is their duty.

Mesfin ArayaPresident of the National Dialogue Commission, mentioned that several initiatives have been implemented to improve the participation of women, with the aim of guaranteeing the inclusion of the ongoing national dialogue process.

He explained that a participant selection criterion has been established to guarantee 30 percent representation of women.

In addition to boosting participation, various awareness campaigns have been carried out at the national level to empower women.

Besides Ergöge TesfayeMinister of Women and Social Affairs, stated that national dialogue is of great importance for women, since they are often the main victims of conflicts.

Therefore, she highlighted the need for women to influence the process through the application of wisdom.