Arrowhead CEO Apologizes as Helldivers 2 Criticized on Steam: ‘I Just Want to Make Great Games’

Arrowhead CEO Johaan Pilstedt has issued a statement apologizing to disgruntled Helldivers 2 fans after Sony forced Steam players to link their accounts to a PlayStation Network account in order to continue playing the popular online shooter. third person.

The present day, Sony issued a statement announcing that new Helldivers 2 PC players will be asked to link their Steam accounts to a PlayStation Network account on May 6 in order to continue playing. This, in turn, sparked outrage from players on social media, with fans threatening to abandon the game cold turkey for the new mandate, demand refundsand floods Helldivers 2 with negative review scores.

According to Helldivers 2’s Steam customer reviews tab, the game received thousands of negative reviews in response to Sony’s announcement, reducing its review score from “mostly positive” to “mixed.” The subsequent Helldivers 2 review blitz caused Pilstedt will apologize on his personal X/Twitter account.

“Oh, right on the review score. Well, I guess it’s justified,” Pilestedt wrote. “I’m sorry to everyone for how this all happened. I hope we get it back and regain trust by providing a continued great gaming experience. I just want to make great games!

Pilestedt’s apology follows a previous tweet in which the Helldivers 2 boss He directed disgruntled players to PlayStation support. If you have any questions about linking accounts instead of contacting Arrowhead.

In its statement, Sony rationalized its new Helldivers 2 account linking requirement as a safety and security concern, saying: “Account linking plays a critical role in protecting our players and upholding the security values ​​provided in PlayStation and PlayStation Studios games.

According to Sony, “technical issues” were to blame for Helldivers 2’s account linking being temporarily optional at launch. Starting June 4, all current Helldivers 2 players will need to link their accounts to continue playing.

Isaiah Colbert is a freelance writer for IGN. You can follow them on Twitter @ShinEyeZehUhh.