Newey won’t be the last domino to fall for the Red Bull F1 team

It was announced on Wednesday that design guru Newey would be leaving Red Bull after a 19-year spell, during which he helped the team win seven drivers’ and six constructors’ championships with Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen as its star drivers.

It is understood that Newey decided to leave Red Bull after becoming disillusioned with the team’s internal politics, which has become a battle for control between the Thai side of corporate backer team boss Christian Horner and the Austrian side aligned with Helmut. Marko and the Verstappen family. .

The matter came into the public domain due to an internal investigation into Horner’s alleged inappropriate behavior toward a female employee; The complaint was initially dismissed, but has since been appealed.

Rival team boss Brown says he was not surprised that someone of Newey’s “very high integrity” left Red Bull as a result and hopes Newey is not the last high-profile name to quit.

“Am I surprised? Six months ago, I would have been surprised,” Brown said. “But given everything that’s happened since the beginning of the year and knowing Adrian quite well, and he’s a very high-integrity individual, I’m not surprised he’s moving on.

“I think what’s happening there is a little destabilizing. It’s probably the first domino to fall, but I’m guessing it won’t be the last, based on the resumes out there.”

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing

Photo by: Sam Bloxham / Motorsport Images

Asked to clarify whether McLaren had received more CVs since the turmoil at Red Bull began, Brown replied: “Yes, we have seen an increase in the team’s CVs and I think Adrian is the most successful designer of all time.” .

“So, in addition to the technical (quality) he brings to the racing team, people want to work for people like Adrian and work alongside him.

“So I think they’ll miss what he brings to the team from a purely technical standpoint and then I think they’ll miss the leadership and the excitement that people get from working with him.”

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Newey will be available to rival teams from March 2025, and Ferrari is a strong contender to land the 65-year-old. Meanwhile, Brown played down the idea of ​​McLaren making a move for him.

“As far as McLaren is concerned, I am very happy with all the work that the men and women of McLaren are doing,” he added.

“I think we have started to show since the second half of last year that they know how to give performance to the car, so I have all the faith in the world in the team we have.

“We’re looking to get back to the front and I think we have the people, the talent, the team and the drivers to get there. So we’re just going to stay the course.”