Pedrito Juárez, the new Messi of Barcelona who surprises everyone with his quality at 10 years old

METERSome consider him the “new Messi.” Pedro JuarezThe 10-year-old Argentine boy who has everyone in Barcelona excited, is considered by many to be one of the most promising youngsters to come out of La Masia in recent years.

Pedro‘, like Messi, left his country at a very young age and has already stood out in Barcelona’s youth ranks for his speed and dribbling, which is reminiscent of his compatriot, eight-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Pedro Juarez and his family moved to Barcelona in 2020 for work reasons. Once settled, the native of Salta, Argentina, caught the attention of Barcelona and Spanish. In the end, he ended up opting for the Blaugrana.

In addition to his talent on the field, the young man, born in 2014, impresses on social networks with videos that show him having fun in his backyard with a soccer ball and, sometimes, a tennis ball.