Helldivers 2 will require Steam players to link to a PSN account

Attention, defenders of democracy: helldivers 2 will soon require Steam players to link their account to a PlayStation Network account. According to the announcement, all new players on Steam will need to link to a PSN account starting May 6, while current players will have a little more time, with the mandatory application being delayed until June 4.

According helldivers 2 For developer Arrowhead Game Studios, linking to a PSN account has always been a requirement for Steam players, and the policy is in place to ensure players are protected from dueling and other in-game abuse. But the game community does not believe it and protests loudly about the decision on social networks and on Steam itself.

Shortly after the announcement, the game experienced an avalanche of negative reviews, receiving over 14,000 negative reviews on Steam today alone.

You can see the exact moment the news arrived.
Screenshot: Steam

Although PSN accounts are free and quick to create, gamers have reason to be upset. PSN is not available everywhere and this measure could lock players from certain countries out of the game permanently. Players have also expressed concerns about the security of their data. Sony recently suffered a data breach, although the stolen information related to employees and not customers.