WhatsApp communities get new features to help their members stay more organized

What you need to know

  • WhatsApp brings two new useful features to Communities.
  • While one can create events like Calendar apps, the other lets group admins get up to speed quickly with organized responses.
  • The features will be rolled out to community groups and other groups will likely follow soon.

WhatsApp has announced some new features for its Communities that allow users to stay more organized on the messaging platform.

First of all, the messaging platform allows users to create calendar events. In the accompanying blog post, WhatsApp indicates that the second functionality was launched specifically for community groups where users can respond to important updates posted by administrators.

WhatsApp calendar events

(Image credit: WhatsApp)

Events such as virtual gatherings or birthdays can now be planned in groups within Communities. Any user in the group can create such events and other participants can respond to them. The messaging platform also provides automatic notifications to event attendees when the date approaches.